National days are pretty much everyday and there is too many to count. But let’s be real there’s some national days we are 100% missing out on and we need them in our lives! So Missy Empire asked 1000 women between the ages of 18 and 34 to suggest a new national awareness day and we are loving all the suggestions. So let’s highlight our favs from your top 12 suggestions in our Missy Empire calendar above and if you’ve got more, make it known honey!





We are all for this suggestion, because honey’s nothing beats endless amounts of prosecco, cocktails and spritz, oh and the brunch obvs. Bottomless brunch is the perfect girls day activity; drinking, eating and gossiping in an instagramable spot – like seriously, what’s not to love? No matter the time, day or occasion this is always a must and to have a day dedicated to it, well it would be rude not too. Don't let that outfit slip, shop our brunchin' outfit favs boo!





A day dedicated to our one true love…our beds, we think so! Nothing beats that lazy day with snacks, Netflix and wearing a onesie or some cosy pjs all day long. We are backin’ up this idea and don’t really understand why it isn’t already a national day – because who doesn’t want to spend a whole day wrapped in your duvet, we know we do. Check out our loungewear to get the chill vibes locked down!





‘MESSAGE’ Ahhhh, we miss that already! So this is exactly why it should be a national day, everyone has been hooked on love island so why not make it a day to celebrate our summer addiction. It literally takes over our lives for 8 weeks so it only seems right if we get to spend an entire day hyped over love island and all the latest dramaz. Get the hottest swimwear and live like an islander!





This is our complete favourite!! Self love is everything, so why not have a day celebrating ourselves – yes we have our birthdays but yanno it’s not the same thing. This should be a day full of self care and self love, celebrating who we are, because we all deserve to celebrate ourselves and forget about everything else for the day. Then girl, when yo' feelin' yourself look hella fresh in our party dresses, and get yourself out out!

We are lovin’ all your suggestions, and we are backin’ them all up honey’s!