So if you feel as though there has been a curvey shaped hole missing from your life for the last few months, you might have realised why yesterday. Kim K is back on the social media hype, and there have been sighs of relief all over the world at her return. With a simple image making a huge statement yesterday morning posting a family photo on Instagram and a compilation of home movies on her website, she is slowly easing herself back into the world of social media after the socking Paris robbery.

Her approach to her return has been subtle and understated which is to be expected after what happened on October the 3rd in her Paris apartment, but what will be next for the "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" star? It seems as though family is the most important aspect of her life which can be seen in her montage of home movies from before and after the armed robbery, and she was been spotted at her mum's annual Christmas eve party late last year. We've definitely missed Kimmy and her killer outfits!