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Gals, we are bringing you a newbie blog post all about being an intern at Missy Empire. We had the pleasure of showing Amy round the office and getting her to join the creative team for 2 weeks. We thought it would be super insightful to get her to write a blog post all about interning with the missy fam and what she learned. So I'll stop with the chat and let this babe takeover...


Being an intern for Missy Empire has been such a great experience. Being able to learn new skills and meet the girls behind the company has been my complete highlight. All the gals at Missy Empire have been so welcoming and inspiring. Giving off positive vibes all day, every day. Working here for the past 2 weeks has made me have a completely different outlook towards my work and to always have fun. Throughout my time at Missy Empire I got to work with the E-commerce, Digital Marketing, Social Media and Graphic Design gals. And I am so grateful for everything I have learnt and the time they have spent with me individually showing me there roles.


E-commerce babe – Sam

Sam taught me how the listing process works and creating up and coming blog posts with a lot of sass. It was really exciting to see the preparation behind the products you see online and how everything is done to give the missy girls the best experience. I also really enjoyed looking through the blog posts she writes and I got to find gifs for a new blog post. And of course got to write this post and seeing it come together at the end is so rewarding.


Digital Marketing bae – Amy

Amy creates the ads and marketing emails for Missy Empire, which I was really excited to see how they work and how I could help out. I loved working with Amy because I was able to make some emails to go out to the customers. Then design gifs that are currently live on our social media and create some ads based on my own findings. It feels so amazing to see my own work on Missy Empires social platforms. it's so fulfilling!


Social Media hun – Libby

Libby is super fun and is the gal behind all the funny memes and keeping the content up to date on all Missy Empires social platforms. I had a great time working with Libby because I was able to schedule posts using my own content of memes and funny videos. Then reach out to companies for a collab, which made me feel like a big part of the team. I love the vibe Libby has and it shows throughout all of the Missy Empire social channels.


Graphic Design queen – Imaan

Imaan is super creative and full of energy. I learnt how to create Photoshop gifs which was something I hadn't done in my Graphic Design degree yet. And something I didn't even know was possible, so this was really exciting. I felt really inspired from what Imaan taught me, especially when she also showed me her Inspo folders. These were groups of folders full of ideas/fonts and colours she liked and collected. This is another tip I can use for my future projects, as I can create my own inspiration folders full of things I like. This can help to influence my future projects and design decisions.


Overall, it has been such a great experience and I couldn't have asked for a better group of people to work with. I have learnt so much about each role I assisted and that having a positive attitude can lead to the best creative results. My favourite thing was engaging with different aspects of Missy Empire to see how it all comes together. I love how communication is key in order to deliver the best out of the brand.


Amaze intern gal – Amy

My personal goals is to finish my degree in Graphic Design. Taking on the skills I have learnt being a Missy intern and apply them to my final year. I may have only been at Missy Empire for 2 weeks but I have learnt so much. I just can't wait to see what the future holds for me. Thanks again to Missy Empire!