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"Halloween is the one night of the year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it", said someone not dressing up at work. We've put together the 6 awkward stages of taking part in your office Halloween party. Beast your eyes on these ghouls...


Stage 1

You contemplated re-wearing your weekend get-up, but your mum told you it wasn't suitable for the club - let alone the office. You've raided the family Halloween prop box and gone all out scary, Oscar worthy, fo' sure. You turn up to work and all your work gals are in normal clothes in little attempt devil horns. Boo you whore!


Stage 2

When you get so into the Halloween spirit you start becoming your character.


Stage 3

It's dinner time, you're hungry and Sarah from Marketing has been banging on about the Halloween inspired spread all day. You've got to get to the front before all the tomato blood pizza slices and amputated finger hot dogs are gone. Girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!



When the Halloween games come out and you've got to pretend you're competitive.


Stage 5

You've been sat in your Halloween outfit for so long, it's become the norm to you now. You've completely forgot you've got next level makeup on and your eye gets itchy now you're looking like an extra off 28 Days Later.


Stage 6

It's an hour till work is over, you've undone your trouser button as you went back for thirds at the buffet, your makeup is no longer fresh and your wigs getting majorly itchy. So you do the necessary and ask if everyone can leave an hour early seen as it's Halloween in the most persuasive way possible...