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It's safe to say that the social-distancing period is well underway (don't worry babe, we're all in this together) and while it may seem a little scary, you just need a positive reminder why social-distancing isn't actually all that bad. So babe, get the snacks and sit back because we've rounded up 11 reasons why this may actually be the best thing for you RN.


Extra z’s

If you're a secret tired girl living a busy life, picture it like this: you can now sleep through your morning commute to work. Name some better news than that... we'll wait.



Say goodbye to the bra

Can we all agree that not wearing a bra is the actual dream? If you live for the moment when you get home from work just so you can take off your bra then I bet you are living in social-distance heaven RN. Comfort is definitely key when working from home so off with the bra babe.



You can wear your loungewear... everyday!

If you LIVE for dress down Fridays at work, then girl, think of it as dressin' down errrday. Is there really anything better than wearing your joggers all day, every day while you're social-distancing? The answer is no hun, there's not. So if that sounds like a bit of you, then we have the most amaze at home attire that you're gonna love.


Co-working with your dog

Need we say more?! No more missing your furry little friend while you're at work because you can get all the K9-time you like now you're working from home. Plus, your dog is probably just as happy because they get to spend the whole day with you, awww!



Your house, your playlist

If there is a constant battle at work over who gets to put what music on, then babe, we're here to tell you, social-distancing means that you get to make the rules now. So it's time to hit play on all those playlists you've been wanting to listen to for ages because now you can listen to whatever music you want without the backlash. Crank it up!


Slippers all day, every day

Now we all wish we could wear our slippers to work from time to time because let's face it, sometimes all we want is nothing but cosy feels. Well now you're working from home, it's time to swap your heels for slippers, because gal, slippers are mini hugs for the toes and we could use plenty of those RN.


Cook up a storm

If you're a busy gal who never has enough time to make something exciting for lunch and end up eating a tin of slow sip sad soup (ugh!) then this is your time to shine. At last, now you have the time to become the pro chef you were always meant to be, the kitchen is your oyster babe!



No more heat abuse to your hair

Social-distancing means one thing, your hair will finally get a break from all the heat it endures every day because well, if you're not going anywhere, then messy hair, don't care. Can we get an amen?! So put the straighteners, curlers, hair dryer or whatever heat appliance you use down and get the coconut oil out instead. You won't regret it.


Grow those eyebrows out

And whilst we're talking about hair, you can now finally grow out your eyebrows that you've been wanting to do for ages but without any mid-growth discrimination.


Finally delete all that extra stuff from your camera roll

I bet you've been saying for weeks or months even that you need to find the time to sort out your camera roll (we feel you gal), well now you have nothing but time babe. If you love a good clean out (Hinch style) then social-distancing will defo make you feel like you have your life together.



Extra thinking space

Girl, all this extra time can be super beneficial for you, your thoughts and your creativity. It's time to take some all important me time and focus your energy into something positive. Maybe it's time to think of that all important business idea you've had in the back of your mind? Or start planning that gap year you've always wanted to take? Use your time wisely babe.


So now you've got the low down on why social-distancing isn't as bad as it seems. Spread the positivity, because honey, we all need it!