36 times we fell in love with Kim Kardashian

36 times we fell in love with Kim Kardashian

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In honor of Kimmie turning 36 today, we're gonna tell you 36 times we fell in love with Mrs. West.

  1. For making make-up her priority

Kim Kardashian Make-Up

2. For turning enemies into frenemies

Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose

3. For slaying the Halloween game

Kim Kardashian skeleton

4. For knowing the best time to take a selfie

Kim Kardashian selfie

5. Speaking of selfies, there's a whole book of them - and we absolutely love it

Kim Kardashian selfie book

6. For breaking the internet

Kim Kardashian Paper Magazine cover

7. For owning the sunburned look

Kim Kardashian sun

8. For founding a production company and naming it "Kimsaprincess Productions"

Kim Kardashian wearing a crown

9. For getting banned from the Met Gala in 2012 by Anna Wintour and then gracing the cover of American Vogue in 2014

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West US Vogue Cover

10. For starting out by cleaning Paris Hilton's closet

Kim Kardashian cleaning Paris Hilton's closet

11. She relates to the faces we pull on a daily basis

Kim Kardashian funny face

12. She's totally on our wave length

Kim Kardashian basketball games

13. For providing us with countless meme's of her ugly crying face

Kim Kardashian ugly crying face

14. When she said the best Louis Vuitton quote of all time

Kim Kardashian baggage

15. For being the BEST detective

Kim Kardashian detective work

16. For providing us with our favourite pass time

Kim Kardashian goes to Hollywood game

17. For trying (and failing miserably) to dress like Kylie

Kim Kardashian dressing like Kylie Jenner

18. For speaking the truth

Kim Kardashian's baby fame

19. For doing a Karen from Mean Girls

Kim Kardashian sixth sense

20. For owning the red carpet

Kim Kardashian Met Gala Red Carpet

21. For calling Khloe an evil troll just because she woke her up - a girl after our own heart

When Kim Kardashian called Khloe Kardashian an ugly little troll

22. For getting called fat when she was pregnant and then slayin' her post baby bod selfie

Kim Kardashian post baby body selfie

23. And just generally empowering others to own their bodies and be confident

Kim Kardashian and Emily Ratajowski

24. For the infamous "my diamond earring came off in the ocean" scene

Kim Kardashian's diamond earring

25. And for this scene too

Kim Kardashian falling off a chair

26. For naming her children the raddest names

Kimye family picture

27. For encouraging North's love of fashion and letting her design her own clothes

North West style

28. For being as indecisive as us when it comes to choosing food

Kim Kardashian takeaway

29. For hitting Khloe with her bag for ruining the moment she got her first Bentley

Kim Kardashian hitting Khloe with her bag

30. For slayin' the pool twerk

Kim Kardashian pool twerk

31. For being couple GOALS

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West wedding

32. For giving the best advice

Kim Kardashian advice

33. For coming up with this perfect slogan

Kim Kardashian slogan

34. For her amazing chat up skills

Kim Kardashian chat up lines

35. THIS

Kim Kardashian beer keg

36. For not taking any sh*t from f*ckboys

Kim Kardashian fuckboys

Kim - WE LOVE YOU! Don't ever change xoxo

Kim Kardashian