5 Reasons - You Are Washing Your Hair Wrong

5 Reasons - You Are Washing Your Hair Wrong

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How often do you do it?

Some girls are every day, some once a week - I once knew a girl who only did it on special occasions, but that's another story.

Chances are you know what works for you - right?

Well we caught up with Sarah, a Senior Stylist from the very exclusive Terence Paul Salon in Cheshire to get the DL on exactly HOW you are meant to wash your hair.



  1. Shampoo & Lather = WRONG!
    Good quality shampoo shouldn't lather too much, ideally not at all.
    Look for a Sulphate free shampoo, dampen your hair and smooth through, paying attention to your scalp.
  2. Repeat if required - Only if you have to.
    Shampooing twice is only essential if your hair is very dirty, or s full of product.
    One good shampoo is all that is needed, and around a 50p size is plenty for mid to long hair.
    If you need more, try adding a little water.
  3. Rinse - Don't drench!
    You will probably notice at the salon, they don't rinse your hair for too long, especially after a Shampoo.
    This is to ensure that when Conditioner is applied to the ends, it doesn't come into contact with the scalp, of leave any residue at the root.
  4. Massage? Absolutely!
    Scalp massages shouldn't be reserved for the salon.
    Taking the time to work the product in is essential, particularly through the ends.
    Two minutes is ideal, so spend time applying slow and firm circular movements across the scalp and interlock fingers to maximise bloodflow. This encourages hair growth and the stimulation of natural oils to nourish hair after a deep clean.
  5. Finally - Rinse Clean
    Finally, ensure no product remains in the hair by washing under warm water.
    Try to keep the water at a modest temperature, a lot of people don't realise the majority of heat damage doesn't come from electrical equipment and is actually from the shower!

We will catch up with Sarah next week to discuss drying hair and styling!

Stay clean X O X O