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Ever wondered what Mrs Claus feed would look like if she was on Instagram? We all know what the big man is up to, but what about Mrs C? Here at Missy Empire HQ, we created a few posts to give you a peek into a day in the life of the ultimate Christmas queen... Missy Claus!


Mrs Claus has finally managed to convince hubby she deserves a much-needed break. This summer,
the Claus (move over the Carters!) are giving us holidays goals, jetting off to their fave hot spot,
Buenos Aires. Christmas twenty-nineteen is set to be the biggest and best ever, so Mr & Mrs Claus
had to get some tan time and pina coladas in! If you want to steal Mrs Claus' style, check out our swimwear range, we even have an exact match with our Cheetah Cut Out Swimsuit.


Our gal Mrs Claus swapped her swimsuit and sangria for scarves and sleighs, as her summer vacay is well and truly over (no more hiding behind your sunnies pretending not to be hungover, Mrs C!). It's back to reality for our fave power couple, but it's not all bad news, as she is beyond excited for her fave reindeer to see her killer holiday tan.


Look, we know it's only September, but Mrs Claus has been busy all week preparing for Christmas
(it's kind of a big deal you know). However, Fri-yay is here, and Mrs Claus is hitting the town! Our gal
is slaying her little red dress, shoe game is strong and she is ready for glass of fizz... or two! Let your
hair down babes, pick out a party dress, because Mr C is in charge of the reindeer tonight!


Boss babe Mrs Claus has called an urgent meeting with the elves to discuss their winter wardrobes... She's sure to be checking out Missy Empire's Christmas Jumper range later.


Whilst Mr Claus is busy killing Christmas eve, Snowflix and Chill is Mrs Claus vibe. She's all about relaxing in front of the TV in her fav knit loungewear and face mask, watching Christmas movies... especially the ones that she's in!