dating horror stories


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Lets talk dodgy dates babe! Weve all been there, right? Well things are no different for the Missy team. Now we are allowed back out on dates again, its triggered office chats so wild that we couldnt help but share! So sit back and relax babe, were letting you in on all those toe-curling, cringe moments from dates gone wrong in the Missy HQ. Pass the popcorn babes, juicy goss incoming...



The One With The Red Wine Nightmare 

I met up with this guy and we went to a really nice outdoor terrace. We got there, and he went ahead and ordered a bottle of red wine for to share. I could already sense this was a bad idea due to the nature of his outfit (white shirt and jeans) but continued to go cautiously with the flow. That was until a HUGE wasp came along. Me being me, I majorly panicked and tried to flick the wasp away, along half the bottle of wine. Which ended up all over his crisp white shirt! He was very nice about it, but its safe to say any prospect of a relationship went straight in the bin along with the white shirt.



The One Where Things Got Weird 

I once went on a date with a guy who I had met online. We went bowling, did the arcades and went for a couple of drinks afterwards. He was really funny and things went so well we started seeing each other. About a month in, he told me that he had a bit of a thing for dressing up as superheroes and invited me to a weird convention on the weekend. To make matters worse, he had already taken the liberty of buying us both matching costumes! I made up an excuse to leave and never saw him again.




The One With The Whole Squad 

After speaking with this guy over text for a few days, we agreed to meet up for a few drinks. I got dressed to impress, did my glam and met him at the place we agreed. He then said come with me, I know this good bar we can go to - I love when a man can plan a date so I followed his lead. We arrive at a packed sports bar and head straight over to a table of lads who all turn out to be his mates!! My date then explains how there was a big football game that day which he simply couldnt miss. I sat there in silence for an hour with his loud AF mates, drinking a rubbish glass of rose before making a quick dash for the exit to meet my girls. I wasnt about to waste a good outfit!





The One With The Waitress

The worst date I ever had was one with this guy that I met through one of my friends. I had heard he was lovely and that me and him would get on really well. So I had high hopes for this one! They quickly vanished. Throughout the whole of our meal, he proceeded to flirt with the waitress right in front of my face! He didnt even try to be subtle about it. And if she wasnt at our table serving us, he was staring at her from across the room. It was SO awkward! And to make matters worse, he thought I would be up for kissing him at the end of the date and acted so boujee when I declined!





Got a hot date planned for this weekend? Were pretty sure itll be a lot more successful than the ones above. But dont forget babe, if you're looking for a wow-factor look then make sure you hit up Missy for everything you could possibly need to make the perfect first impression!