Its national fast food FRI-YAY, did you know? Hell yeah you did!! As it’s one of the best days of the year and it clearly needs celebrating we have put together the perfect fast food night in. We’ve got a plan, so if you didn’t know what day it was (shhh, we will pretend like you did) then we’ve got you covered girl! It’s time to get your Friday night looking LIT, night in style!



Girllllll, you can’t start that fast food FRI-YAY without looking hella lay-zy. It’s time to take the make up off, unclip that bra, get that bun on your head and put on those sweats and let the chiller vibes begin, coz girl we’re here for comfort!



Stage 2 is all about the squad! This is a very very important day in the calendar, as you know so get your best boo’s together for this one. Because let’s face it nothing beats a night in with all your best gals!



Get those tissues at the ready babe because the chick flicks are coming out…it’s time to cry like a baby at The Notebook, laugh till it hurts at White Chicks and get boy crazy at Magic Mike (hello hunks!).



Did someone say pamper time?! Hell yeah they did! Get those face masks at the ready, get your nails looking fleeky and braid each other’s hair -  because you can still look cute with cucumbers on your eyes babe, it’s just an accessory!



What we stayed in for, right?! Yes gal, the food! There has to be shhhhhhnacks - and lots of the them. Don’t forget the pizza and bottles of wine (that means at least 3) because you’re in for a night of over eating and complaining about the calories after – YOLO, it’s the WEEKEND!



Late night chats, midnight snacks and havin’ that emosh DMC (deep meaningful chat, obvs) because it isn’t a girls night unless one of you is crying into your wine glass, you’re talking boys and you’re admitting those tinder fails that only get mentioned because you’re drunk!

Happy fast food day hun!