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Ever wondered how the TikTok stars really do it? Well keep reading babe, because we're spilling all the best kept secrets on how to become a TikTok sensation overnight...and it's a lot easier than you think!




React To Trends

The best thing about TikTok is that anyone can go viral anywhere and any time. It works by giving more coverage to videos which react to trending hashtags, videos or songs. So the more trends you react to, the more people are likely to watch and engage with your videos. But trends move fast babe, so make sure you react to them fast if you want to get the most out of it!


Engage As Much As Possible

Spread the love doll! Just like Instagram, TikTok rewards you for engaging with the platform. So the more you like, comment and engage with other people's videos - the more likely they are to land on your page and send your views through the roof! And if they like what they see, they'll be itching to follow you and watch more.


Be Yourself

The TikTok audience love to see what's real. Whether you're living your best life, got something to share with the world or in need of some support - people want to know what's up. Don't be afraid of showing the real you. Post your drafts, laugh at your own bloopers and don't be afraid of being unapologetically you!


Commit To Posting Regularly

It may be stating the obvious but like any other social media app, posting more gets you noticed babe! All the best known names of TikTok post at least every other day, sometimes even posting 3 or 4 times a day (they film loads at once then spread out the posts). So if you wanna make it big, you gotta commit hun.


Get Others Involved

If you want to really get the likes up on TikTok then you've got to get creative. Got a cute pet? We want to see! Is your g-ma the funniest person ever? Then post her! Just make sure it's authentic and you will be riding those viral waves in no time.


Use Hashtags & Captions

It's true when they say that hashtags get you noticed! If you are reacting to a trend, then make sure to use the hashtag that goes with it if you want your vid to reach more people. Or use a descriptive hashtag which explains what is going to happen in e.g #MakeUpTransition. You can also use clever captions to make people more interested in watching.



Try Too Hard

No one likes a try hard babe, especially not on TikTok. Don't spend your time getting all hung up on getting your voice overs just right or nailing your trending dance - if you mess up, just go with it! The TikTokers of the world will love you anyway.


Use Your Own Sounds

TikTok has its own bank of music for you to use. It has anything from the most popular chart sounds to hilarious voice overs or your favourite memes. You can use them all, but make sure you use it from TikTok and not your own video. There is a chance that TikTok will notice and take your video down for copyright! FYI, always try and use trending sounds to get your views as high as possible.


Make It Too Long

TikTok is all about fun, snappy videos that make you smile. With soooo many funny videos to watch, people will only spend a few seconds on a video before moving on. If you've not grabbed their attention by then, they will most likely scroll past. So keep it short but oh so sweet babe!


Spread Bad Vibes

If we've noticed anything about the most downloaded app of 2020, it's that it's a super positive place. There isn't much room for trolls round here babe, so if you're going to comment - make sure it brightens up someone's day! We want to keep the good vibes flowing over here.


Repost Videos From YouTube

Whilst we all love sitting on YouTube for hours watching our fave vids, re-posting them on TikTok is a major no no. The algorithm recognises it is not from the app and will do everything it can to stop people from seeing the video. Original content only please doll!


Use Too Many Filters & Effects

Whilst there are a tonne of cool filters to make your videos stand out, a lot of them don't actually go down that well when it comes to going viral. Just a little tip babe: only stick to one at a time and use it in short bursts. Our fave has got to be the bling filter, it just makes everything better!



So now you're ready to own TikTok babe! We can't wait to see you owning it on our FYP the best way that you know how, keep shining babygirl. And don't forget to tag us in all your best Missy outfit vids - @missyempireuk