Missy Empire Loyalty Reward Scheme

Welcome to our loyalty reward scheme where #missygirls can earn points by shopping with us online. So here’s our five easy steps…

Step 1

Create a Missy Empire account.

Step 2

Start shopping and earn points.

Spend £1 = 1 reward point

Earn 10 points = £1

Step 3

Wait patiently, your points are on their way. It takes 21 days to clear your points to spend, this is in case you need to return or exchange your items.

Step 4

You can use a maximum amount of 50 points each time you shop, this means up to £5 off your order. If you have more than 50 points don’t worry they aren’t going anywhere, you have 365 days until your points will expire from the date the order was made.

Step 5

Stay loyal babe!