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Let's be real, we've all crushed over Drake at some point over the last 10 years from creating the sound track to all our breakups and nights out, to playing bae with RiRi, to being besties with Millie Bobbie Brown, to paying homage to fierce females in his recent Nice For What video. Is there really anything this guy can't do?


The dreaded group chat message can you remember what you did last night? Hell no I can't, but your gals are about to take you down memory lane... The pics emerge, the x-rated videos are going off and ohhh the voice notes. We might Never Recover from the shame of last night! I'm Upset!


Kiki do you love me? You see that guy; he's tall, dark and handsome (100% your type on paper) he swipes right, you swipe right you're texting, he's cute, loves dogs and his mum. Its date time he walks in, he's hot, the date goes well, it's flirty and you're completely crushin'. But then it happens, you're completely hooked, ringing your gals buzzing over your new man. You check your tinder the next day and your crush just ghosted you...


You're lit AF and your bestie shouts: "LET'S DO SHOTS!" Girl, no no no this sh*t already feels like Teenage Fever!


You're on your Worst Behaviour - it's your time of the month, you've just had your heart broken and you're hangry AF, eating Ben and Jerrys in your PJs watching re-runs of Friends. Your girls have got your Hotline Blingin' and they say they've got pizza and wine #squadgoals.


You're at work, it's a Monday and your cat-loving manager Kath decides to make a joke. It's not the best, but you have a heart and you want to give her some Crew Love so you decide to commit to giving her a laugh. It slipped out a bit too loud and you're worried you tried too hard. Kath, that promotion better be mine...


You're on date night, you've ordered before the couple next to you, so naturally the next dish heading out should be yours. The waiter heads to the couple next to you and returns back to your table to explain your food won't be long. Uh oh honey you're gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone without giving you a tip. Hold On, We're Going Home!


We all know the feeling, you're skint AF but you get THAT email, it's 20% off and you've wanted that dress for ages. Drake did say YOLO is the moto so you add that dress to your cart! You're gonna look FIRE this weekend and you got 20% off with free delivery, I mean if you don't celebrate the little wins, what's the point? HYFR!


You've just spent a good couple of hours on your make up, your hair looks BOMB and you're feeling yo'self, but then your gals cancel. So you know what that means? You play photoshoot - that face can't go to waste! If no one's gonna see it you may aswell get your selfie game strong and work the camera even if it is in your bed. Make the Headlines from your home girl!


PAYDAY FEELS! It's Fri-yay, you've just checked your account and yaaaas you just got paid! You know what that means, we going OUT OUT tonight. Payday on a Friday, must be God's Plan.