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As part of our mission to help you on your discovery of self-love, we've put together 5 top tips that you should remember. Use this as your daily reminder to remember that you are YOU. And that kinda power is pretty amazing.

1. Take time to look after yourself - Decline that party invite if all you wanna do is cuddle up with your dog and watch Netflix all night long. It's totally fine to put yourself first.

2. Stop comparing yourself to others - Instagram isn't all real, you know? Switch off from social media every one in a while to refresh your mind

3. Find out what really makes you happy, big or small - if it's a lil' bit of retail therapy, treat yourself. If it's chatting to your besties on a daily basis, hit up that group chat. If it's doing what you want without caring what anyone thinks, you do you, babe. Do something for yourself without guilt, because you deserve to be happy.

4. Buy yourself some roses or a hot new lingerie set, it's all for you. We don't blame you if you're scrolling through your phone later at the 101 selfie pics you took of yourself, you look hot AF.

5. Be patient and allow yourself to be human. Self-love isn't always easy, it's an on-going process, so be kind to yourself and know that you are strong enough to do whatever you want to do.

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