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Hey guys, my name is Immie & I’m the Creative Assistant at Missy Empire!

About Me

Uni: De Montfort University, Leicester

Course: Graphic Design / Illustration

Graduated: June 2020

Doing my final year of university during a pandemic threw some major challenges at me, and I know exactly how hard it can be to stay focused when studying from home. So Im here to help all my fellow student gals out and share with you my top tips for bossin' up your uni game from home.


Kickstart Your Day The Right Way

Doing your uni work in bed in the clothes youve slept in is absolutely not a recipe for success. Get up & get ready, babe! Take a shower, brush your teeth, have an energising breakfast and get yourself in the correct mind set for the day. Lounging around in bed will only make you feel tired & unmotivated.


Block Out The Distractions

At times, I would find it difficult to stay inspired & focused on the task at hand. With social media being the biggest distraction, a quick check on my phone could easily turn into half an hour scrolling the gram. This is where the do not disturb button on your phone comes in handy. Turn this on and put your phone out of reach. You can check your notifications on your break! The music you listen to can also play a huge impact, try listening to slower music & even podcasts.


Stay Woke Babe

If I had to choose only one tip, this would be it - stay organised, girl! Take some time to set yourself daily goals that are reachable & achievable - dont set impossibly hard goals that will cause you to stress and become too hard on yourself. Decide what youll be working on each day, make a plan & stick to it!


Protect Your Energy

Time flies by when doing uni work at home and you may feel extra productive and in less need of a break. However you need to avoid powering through your work without taking breaks away from your workspace, as over time this will cause you to feel tired, overworked and unmotivated. Have a designated workspace and during your breaks, take time away from it. Set your alarm to go off every two hours and use this time to change up your surroundings - I loved to go for a short walk and get some fresh air!


So there you go doll, my top tips for surviving uni at home. Dont forget, everyone has days where the struggle is real and things dont go according to plan. Just remember what youre working so hard to achieve & that youre going to get there. Nothing can stop you from being a girl boss & reaching your goals! xoxo