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Let's face it, the world is Kardashian-Jenner mad. After starting the selfie-taking craze (even if you're on the way to drop your sister off at jail), they've taught us how to throw a damn good party, how to not give AF and are forever our go-to's for outfit inspo, like bible.

And since it's just been Kendall and Kris' birthdays, we think it's only right to pay homage to the K-J klan! What better life dvice than Kardashian-Jenner life advice, right?!


Rule 1
Girls, this is a biggie! When you're walking into the club with your gals just remember one thing and it will get you living the VIP life - glide through the club acting like everyone knows who you are. Because let's be real, if we pretend like we're famous, people will soon be wondering who you are and searching for your Insta ASAP.


Rule 2
Selfie central! The Kardashian-Jenners are known for their selfies, so girl if you wanna make it to an A-lister, then you better step up your game. Let's face it, is there ever a time you can't take a selfie? Visiting a historical monument... selfie. Bumping into a celeb... selfie. Eating an Instagram-able cupcake... selfie. It's all about them arm length angles, baby!


Rule 3
It's all about vibes and keeping them positive girl, so throw away that bad blood and say cya later to those negative Nancys. Eat your greens, drink your water and keep your circle tight.


Rule 4
Make it Oscar worthy gal! It's time to exaggerate those tinder dates... He flew you on his private helicopter, he hired out a restaurant just for you, he flew a plane with a message following - when really he took you to Nandos because he works there and gets a discount. No-one needs to know, instead you big it up and pretend like you thought he was over keen, talked about himself loads, didn't love his mum enough and you just weren't that into him. Know your worth honey!


Rule 5
Keep on dreamin' because girl, you're going places! If there's a goal you want to reach or a thing you have always wanted to do then never give up, don't stop dreaming and work for it babe! One day you could be shouting Hollywood baby. Don't give up your (Californian!) daydream.


Rule 6
Hair done, nails done, everything did. There's nothing like the power of new nails and the Kardashians sure know about that. The longer the better, the brighter the go-getter.


Rule 7
Girls, we all make wrong decisions, whether it's with boys or whether you picked the wrong dish off the menu. So when you take the wrong path, get, that, dirt off your shoulder and say YOLO! What is a life without lessons? And what is life without living?


Rule 8
This one's a simple one...
AM to PM drink champagne!