hugging 101


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Its official, hun - from May 17th we can hug again. Whether its your family, friends, boyfriend or anyone you have missed! You can hug them as much as you want! But what does your hug say about you? Keep reading to find out...


The Bear Hugger 

One of the most common types of huggers - 100% guaranteed to make you feel better when youre feeling down. Brace yourselves babe, a bear hugger does not come to play! Theyre confident, super friendly and they want to protect & care for everyone around them.



The Side Hugger

A side hugger is deffo the most laid back & relaxed. Although this isnt the most affectionate hug, it is one of the friendliest - often performed by someone who isnt a huge fan of close contact but loves showing affection. Chill vibes only around here!



The Awkward Hugger

Also known as The Uncomfortable Hugger (FYI its probably best to take a step back from this one). Hugging is not this persons forte but if they do find themselves in a snuggling situation, theyre likely to still get involved. Followed up by a quick pat on the back - AKA times up! Awkward huggers are calm, smart and super easy going. 


The Gentle Hugger 

As opposed to The Bear Hugger, this hugger has a much more gentle approach. Their hugs are still comforting but also much more emotional - these hugs can last a long time when the hugger feels its needed. Gentle huggers are kind, sensitive and always the ones to turn to when youve had a bit of a bad day babe.  




No matter what type of hugger you are, we have all certainly missed them during lockdown! Who are you most excited to give a big cuddle to on Monday?