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Let's be honest babe, 2021 is not the one so far. But don't worry because your fave streaming service is here to help make the stay-at-home vibe a whole lot better by releasing a new Netflix original film every single week. Yep, you heard us correctly hun, that's over 70 new movies coming to your screens for 2021! So if you're a religious Netflix and chiller, then you need to keep reading babe.


To All The Boys: Always & Forever

Missing your Noah Centineo fix? Well we've got good news gal! There's less than a month to go until our fave hunky heartthrob is on our screens again. We can't wait for the third and final instalment of our fave feel good rom-com to release on the 12th Feb. Will prom go as planned? How will Lara & Peter cope with going to different colleges? Will the Covey sisters have a new stepmom? We have SO many questions!



Love Hard

Got a dodgy dating story you just couldn't make up? Then set your reminders for Love Hard babe. In this rom-com with a twist, an LA girl flies to the East Coast to surprise her dating app bae for Christmas - only to find she's been catfished (eeek). But to make things worse, she also learns that the guy he impersonated lives in the same town - talk about a tinder date gone wrong! No release date on this one yet boo, but stay tuned for more.?



Yes Day

Saying yes to everything your kids request for 24 hours, what could go wrong? Lots of things, we imagine! We're looking forward to finding out if married couple Allison & Carlos Torres make it through a whole 24 hours following their kid's rules. Expect lots of laughs in this feel good comedy due to hit our screens on the 12th March! Not long, eeek.




As you know babe, we are all for a movie with a strong female lead. In this dramatic-comedy, 16-year-old Moxie creates a feminist zine after she becomes tired of hallway harassment, catcalls & her high school's totally dated sexist views. Will Moxie be the lead of a high-school female revolution? Well there's not long left to find out as Moxie premieres on the 3rd of March.



The Woman in the Window

If you live for the thrill then don't worry girl, we've got you. Amy Adams and Joe Wright play a leading role in this movie, which follows an agoraphobic child psychologist living in New York. When spying on her new neighbours she witnesses something suspicious, is she no longer safe in her own home? Brace yourself babe, this is real watch-from-behind-a-cushion stuff.



So babe, now you're all set for what to watch in 2021! A film a week coming straight to your screens for a whole year. Thanks Netflix. So get your comfiest pj's on, kick your feet up and relax!